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Aba ‘Mediterranean Summer’ Candle

It’s an evening spent under the glowing lights and olive trees. It’s the laughter and memories made over your favorite mezze on the patio. It’s toasting to friends with a hand-crafted cocktail amidst the scent of Mediterranean spices lingering in the air. It’s everything Aba is, brought to your home with the swipe of a match in Aba’s ‘Mediterranean Summer’ candle.

Crafted in Chicago by TEN|4 Candle Co, each vegan, non-toxic candle is composed of coconut soy wax and a wooden wick. The custom scent will transport you back to Aba with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, orange, patchouli and coconut milk, poured into a hand-made concrete canister for a gift that tickles almost all of the senses. For taste, you’ll just have to join us once more!

The Mediterranean Summer candle is available for purchase at the Aba Austin host stand or for same-day pickup through Tock.

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